First off THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  I got my bear today and could not be more satisfied.  The quality of the people constructing these keepsakes are beyond words.  When I talked with Elroy his calming voice helped me get through this order.  I am a 65 year old retired Firefighter and have dealt a lot of crap during my career.  Nothing could prepare me for this emotional ride.  The loss of my mother just 1 year ago, was made better with my first bear, that was got for me by my daughters.  In less than 4 months after my mothers death  one of my daughters was murdered.  This loss hit me hard.  After a year I did a memorial wall in my den and with the arrival of my latest bear I’m done with this area.

My first bear was a Christmas present in 2020.  After receiving this bear I knew I needed another one for my daughter.  I am attaching a couple pictures of the bears and display that has helped with the loss of my family members. What you do is so unbelievable and provides healing.  As a side note I took custody of my daughter’s dog.  When the bear arrived he went nuts and would not leave the box alone till I opened it.  He whimpered and wined for a few  minutes.  After I allowed him to sniff and lick the bear he was better…. Dogs are remarkable animals.  And yes my daughter’s favorite flower is the Tiger Lilly.